4 Ways to Improve Your Company's Blog

Posted by Solange Messier

Maintaining a company blog can have a significant positive effect on your digital marketing strategy. It can grow your website traffic, improve conversions, and more. However, if your blog isn’t producing the results you were looking for, there are four strategies you can use to improve it.

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1. Use Keyword Optimization

A high ranking on search engines easily translates to more website traffic, which gives you limitless potential to convert visitors into leads. Making your blog search-engine friendly can help you show up more prominently on search engine result pages (SERPs). Use keywords your audience uses when searching for the types of products or services you sell. Use these keywords strategically in your title, meta description, URL, copy body, and H1 and H2 tags to see greater results.

2. Create an Attractive Headline

The headline is the blue title link you see on the search engine results page. Even if you have great content, searchers won’t click on the link to your blog post if your headline isn’t attractive, intriguing, and clear. Mediocre headlines are similar to poorly written news article titles in print. A good headline should be attractive enough to get a person’s attention. The headline is what makes the promise of what the content is going to be all about.

A good tactic is to start the headline with numbers. Examples are 10 Beauty Secrets of the Fabulously Rich or 5 Ways to Make Money Online. This headline is far more promising than a simple Beauty Secrets for You or Easy Money Techniques. Headlines that use numbers show transparency and clear expectations. It gives readers a rough idea of how long it will take to read the article and what value they could get out of it. You can also ask a common question in your title or use statistics. Whichever method you use, make sure you deliver what you promise in your blog post.

3. Write Informative Content

Content is king, and your content must deliver what you promised in the headline. If you used a number in your headline, ensure that your content is also itemized. Your content should be interesting to your buyer personas, answer questions, and provide value.

Apart from the value of the content, you should write and publish regularly. There is no concrete number that you can put as far as frequency is concerned. All agree, however, that consistency is important.

4. Use Internal and External Links

An external link is created when you link a phrase to another website or other pages on your own website. Search engines search these links for relevancy. Search engines were built to hunt for information. If you link your page to other authoritative sites, you may get a boost in your search rank. Linking to your own webpages, known as internal links, also helps because it delivers more value to your readers, tells search engines your site is organized, and helps ensure your readers spend more time on your site.


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Solange Messier

Written by Solange Messier

Solange is a Director of Content at Westman Editorial. With both the HubSpot inbound certification and the content marketing certification under her belt, she understands the marketing challenges and opportunities businesses face today. She’s also an expert in the intricacies of content marketing and its role in overall inbound marketing success. A past writer-editor, she now manages a wide-ranging team of content writers to help businesses reach their marketing goals through digital content creation.


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