7 Simple Ways to Make Your Web Content Better Than the Competition’s

Posted by Sarena Brown

Creating engaging web content can be challenging but it’s not impossible. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s always possible to make your content interesting. With the rise of social media and digital marketing, you can’t afford to produce boring content that no one wants to read. It’s vital that your web content be better than the competition’s, and it’s easier than you think to do just that.

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  1. Create a Plan

At first glance, it might seem strange to think that simply having a plan is a way to make your web content better, but it truly is. When you have a plan, it means your content is organized, you know exactly what’s happening when, and you’re able to spend time creating quality content instead of shoddy content because you’ve managed your time efficiently.

In addition, creating a plan ensures you’ve taken your audience, current trends, and pain points into account, which will help you attract your target buyers.

  1. Make It Easy to Read

Any content you post should be easy to read. means your content should have an engaging title, short paragraphs so as not to overwhelm the reader, headers to break up content and images to help engage readers. In addition, use bullet points and bolding to make your most important points stand out. You can also consider making videos of your blog posts to engage visitors who don’t want to read text.

Without these elements, your content is harder to read and less interesting to readers.

  1. Tell a Story

Good marketing is simply good storytelling. When you create content, you should be telling a story that readers are interested in hearing. The more interesting the brand story, the more engaged the audience will be. Your readers need to understand why your company and your products are the ones they should be buying rather than your competition’s, and you do that through storytelling.

  1. Provide Insight

Driving traffic to your website can help you get more sales. One of the ways to do this is by making your website the go-to place for insights about the industry you work in or the types of products you offer. You need to give your readers a reason to come to your site rather than your competitor’s.

Share facts and stats. Stay up to date on the latest trends. Stay ahead of the curve and become known as a thought leader.

  1. Make It Exciting

Get your readers excited! You can build excitement by sharing details of a new contest you’re offering or a new product you’re launching. It could also be an insight into your industry you’re sharing or a new video about your brand. Whatever form it takes doesn’t matter, as long as excitement is injected into your web content.

  1. Provide Solutions and Answers

People are usually reading web content because they’re interested in finding a solution to a problem or an answer to a question. Your content should always seek to provide solutions or answers to the different kinds of situations and questions your customers regularly have.

When your readers realize you’re providing this valuable information that can help them save time or money, become happier, or gain other benefits, they’ll be more likely to routinely check in with your blog and website because they’ll trust that you have the solutions and answers to their problems.

  1. Always Be Current

It’s important that your information always be current. If your content seems dated, people will stop reading it. They want to know what they’re reading is the best, most up-to-date information available, so don’t let your content go stale.

Making your web content stand out from the competition is easy to do with the steps mentioned above. Use these tips, and people will turn to you and your company for the information they seek.


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Sarena Brown

Written by Sarena Brown

As Director of Content, Sarena works with a team of talented writers and editors and together they craft compelling content that helps client companies attract prospects, generate leads, and drive sales. With a degree in communications, a number of content certifications under her belt, and a wealth of marketing experience, Sarena lives and breathes content marketing and has a passion for helping businesses produce cost-effective, original content that their customers actually want to read.


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