Blog Writing: Why Quality Trumps Quantity

Posted by Sarena Brown

Blog writing is an important part of today’s marketing strategies. Customers are looking for helpful, engaging, interesting content before even considering making a purchase. 

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But be careful not to stray into thinking that success can be achieved through a numbers game. Hundreds of meaningless articles carefully constructed around keywords and SEO will have far less impact than one well-crafted, meaningful piece that is shared again and again. 

When it comes to blog writing, here’s why quality will always trump quantity.

Lasting Value

The thought is that short, low-quality articles are easier to produce and get lots of attention with. The reality is, however, that these pieces will be glanced at and just as quickly forgotten. And forget trying to share them again next month or a year from now. 

Quality content maintains value as it ages. Instead of spending 10 hours to create 20 sub-par articles that will be forgotten, use the same time to create one that will get shared days, weeks, months, and potentially even years after it’s posted. Quality posts remain quality.

Cross-Platform Versatility

A well-crafted post is a story made up of smaller pieces that fit together into a well-flowing whole. 

The advantage of this is you can then take these pieces in smaller doses and use them on other platforms. Have a great piece about why blog writing is important, which includes ten steps on how to craft a great blog article? You can use those ten steps as a short campaign on Twitter to gather more followers and build more leads.

When a post is well-written, you can share it again and again across multiple channels and people will still read it.

People Share Quality

When people read a high-quality article, they share it. Social media makes it easy to share these days, but word of mouth is still just as effective. How often have you said the phrase, “I read this great article on the internet…” before relating a story that’s pertinent to your current conversation?

Increased Engagement

Quality blog writing also lends itself to a deeper form of engagement; sharing is only the start. 

Great pieces include well-crafted call-to-actions that give a reader direction on what to do next. If the piece is bland and mediocre, there is no encouragement to follow the call. But if the piece is exciting, thought-provoking, and stylish, people will feel that pull on a deeper level. They’ll share the piece and may consider responding with comments or response pieces, or, in the case of your business, by making a purchase.

The “New” Search Engine Optimization

It’s not all human psychology; there’s technology at work, too. Google updates its search engine algorithms to weed out low-quality content. This means if your blog is pumping out poor content, you’re actually lowering the chances your site will come up in searches. 

The new algorithms, while still using crawling techniques like keywords and other SEO standards, can sift out content that has no originality or deeper value to an audience. Writing for quality is learning how to write for SEO and people.

Stand out from the Crowd

Finally, quality content will make your expertise, knowledge, products, and company stand out from the crowds around it. People are smart enough to see through shallow content. But they will come in search of high-quality advice, knowledge, and techniques that help solve their problems. 

In the end, high-quality content is less work because leads will come to you

The internet is saturated with blog writing and if you want to be relevant and noticed, you must create quality content that is helpful, engaging, fun, and interesting. Crafting several low-quality articles no longer works because people and search engines see through it. Only with quality content will your blog writing practices be worth it; that time and energy will offer ROI ten-fold.


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Sarena Brown

Written by Sarena Brown

As Director of Content, Sarena works with a team of talented writers and editors and together they craft compelling content that helps client companies attract prospects, generate leads, and drive sales. With a degree in communications, a number of content certifications under her belt, and a wealth of marketing experience, Sarena lives and breathes content marketing and has a passion for helping businesses produce cost-effective, original content that their customers actually want to read.


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