Digital Content Marketing: Why Should I Create E-Books and Whitepapers?

Posted by Solange Messier

Consumers are no longer interested in your sales pitches. The way they buy has changed. Now, trust matters more than ever before.

Not only are consumers looking for brands to provide quality products, but they’re also looking for businesses to be at the apex of innovation and thought. Consumers demand more from the businesses they form relationships with. It’s up to you to demonstrate you’re a thought leader in your industry. E-books and whitepapers can help.

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What Are E-Books and Whitepapers?

E-books and whitepapers are longer content formats that offer the opportunity for you to go more in depth about your topics.

They’re more technical than, say, infographics or blog posts, and they should be well-researched. Whether it be to explain a problem in the market that your company has the solution to or to demonstrate why your solution is innovative, e-books and whitepapers can help you educate your audience in an in-depth manner.

You’re not restricted by word count and can go into greater technical detail to offer more value to your readers.

Building Credibility and Trust

Writing longer forms of content, such as e-books and whitepapers, can help you build trusting relationships with your web visitors.

When you’re offering valuable information to your web visitors, they’ll come to see you as a vital resource in your industry. Your credibility and authority will increase. In turn, so will your visitors’ trust in your brand.

At the end of the day, when consumers want to purchase the best products from the best company, they’ll think of your brand first.

E-books and whitepapers do require a great time investment. However, the returns you’ll gain on your investment will be worth it.

Generating Leads

Creating e-books and whitepapers has another great benefit. Because these forms of content are in depth and filled with valuable information, your web visitors will offer you something in exchange for access.

You can make these forms of content gated in order to generate more leads. To read the content, users will need to fill out a form first.

If your e-books and whitepapers are enticing and valuable enough, visitors will offer you their contact information in return for the content. This can play an important role in your digital content marketing strategy: helping you generate leads.

Once you have this contact information, you can then keep in regular contact with your leads and nurture your relationships with them further, enabling you to increase your sales. 

As you delve into the world of digital content marketing, make sure to invest in long-form content, such as e-books and whitepapers.


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Solange Messier

Written by Solange Messier

Solange is a Director of Content at Westman Editorial. With both the HubSpot inbound certification and the content marketing certification under her belt, she understands the marketing challenges and opportunities businesses face today. She’s also an expert in the intricacies of content marketing and its role in overall inbound marketing success. A past writer-editor, she now manages a wide-ranging team of content writers to help businesses reach their marketing goals through digital content creation.


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