Digital Content Marketing: Why You Should Write for Humans, Not Search Engines

Posted by Sarena Brown

In this age of technology, creating content for robots and algorithms has become increasingly common in digital content marketing. Marketers often focus heavily on optimizing content for search engines in order to increase visibility. The more optimized their blog posts, web pages, and articles are, the greater their results—or so they think. They include meta descriptions, keywords, and alt tags. They check every SEO box they can think of.

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By the end of the process though, their words sound as robotic as the robots they’re trying to impress.

And this isn’t helping them improve their digital content marketing results.

SEO Isn’t Everything

The first mistake businesses tend to make is relying far too heavily on SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is indeed a helpful tool that can improve your search results and, in turn, help your brand gain awareness.

But it isn’t the be all, end all of inbound marketing.

SEO-Friendly Content

Although your content should be search engine friendly, it shouldn’t be solely created for the purpose of SEO. Web crawlers and algorithms aren’t your web visitors. They aren’t your leads or your prospects. They certainly aren’t your customers.

Humans are.

Though we certainly advise using keywords and optimizing your content to remain relevant on search engines, this shouldn’t come first, before the human element.

Create Quality Content for Your Audience First

Google’s goal is to provide great content to its users. It’s not just about algorithms. This should be your goal, too.

At the end of the day, marketing is a narrative, not an algorithm.

By producing quality content, your chances of reaching your audiences and keeping their attention actually improves. No one will want to read your robotic, keyword-stuffed content. It won’t add value to your readers’ lives. It won’t answer their questions. And it certainly won’t be interesting and engaging to read. So why write it?

Google will value your content above blog posts and web pages stuffed with keywords. And your audience will too. By writing content your visitors actually care about, you can develop the long-lasting, trusting relationships you seek with your audience. Your readers will come back for more, time and time again. When you place quality above SEO, you can successfully build trust in the sales process, enhance your credibility, and generate more sales.

At the end of the day, search engines are not your audience. Humans are. This is key to digital content marketing. 


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Sarena Brown

Written by Sarena Brown

As Director of Content, Sarena works with a team of talented writers and editors and together they craft compelling content that helps client companies attract prospects, generate leads, and drive sales. With a degree in communications, a number of content certifications under her belt, and a wealth of marketing experience, Sarena lives and breathes content marketing and has a passion for helping businesses produce cost-effective, original content that their customers actually want to read.


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