Small Business Marketing: How Starting a Blog Can Help You Gain a Competitive Edge

Posted by Sarena Brown

It’s hard being a small business owner. You’re expected to be able to compete with larger companies, but with a lot less money and fewer resources. However, one of the ways you can compete is by taking advantage of small business marketing and starting a blog on your website. Having a blog can help your company gain a competitive edge in your marketplace.

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Gain Exposure

One of the ways that starting a blog can help you with your small business marketing is by giving your exposure. For a small business, getting the word out about your brand is usually the biggest challenge. Having a blog increases your ability to get exposure. It also gives you something to routinely share on social media, and that will direct people back to your website.

Inform People About Your Company

Blogging is a way for you to inform consumers about your company. It’s a longer form of communication, and it gives you the chance to explain your company, brand, and products in more depth than a social media post would. Making your posts engaging gives people a reason to keep coming back to your blog to see what you have to say.

Generate More Leads

Leads, like exposure, are a necessity for a small business. Research has shown that small businesses that have a blog are able to drive 55 percent more traffic to their websites. That extra traffic gives way to more customers and more sales for your company.

Improve Search Engine Visibility

How often do you go past the first page of a Google search you’ve done? Chances are, not often. Usually, you find the information you’re searching for within the fist five links that are on the page. Search engines will display the most recent and relevant content to your search parameters.

When you blog and use search engine optimization (SEO), you’re giving search engines like Google information about how recent and relevant your posts are. That will get your company higher up on search engine results and will help give you more traffic to your website.

Lower Marketing Costs

Marketing is one of the biggest expenses for a company. Small business marketing costs are even worse because small businesses don’t have as much money to begin with.

Having a blog can help you decrease your marketing costs, while also generating leads for you. Inbound marketing is when you’re able to get potential customers to come to you. This works by blogging regularly, using SEO, and having a solid social media presence. The average cost for an inbound marketing lead is about one-third of what an outbound marketing lead would cost. The only thing that starting a blog will really cost you is time, though this is also why many companies outsource their blog writing.

Gain Customer Insight

In order for a company to be successful, the business owner must understand its ideal customers. Having a blog will allow your company to get a better understanding of what your customers want and are interested in. With a blog, you can pull analytics, and with that information, you can see which topics are the most popular and where customers are engaging.

There are many ways starting a blog can help your company gain a competitive edge. It’s something that you should seriously consider because it would be such a boost to your small business marketing strategy—and your company overall.


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Sarena Brown

Written by Sarena Brown

As Director of Content, Sarena works with a team of talented writers and editors and together they craft compelling content that helps client companies attract prospects, generate leads, and drive sales. With a degree in communications, a number of content certifications under her belt, and a wealth of marketing experience, Sarena lives and breathes content marketing and has a passion for helping businesses produce cost-effective, original content that their customers actually want to read.


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